Japanese recruitment Industry in Vietnam: customer satisfaction unmet.

Anywhere in the world, success of an overseas business largely relies on having the right local talents in your team. When it is difficult to hire local staff on its own, recruitment service is one of the choices.

There are more than 40 Japanese-owned recruitment agencies operating in Vietnam. The number is on the increase, so as competition. But...

"How about service quality?"

"How about customer’s satisfaction?"

This is where we see some problems.

While the size of recruitment industry in Vietnam expands, quality of its service seems to remain unchanged. Why?

One big issue in the Japanese recruitment industry in Vietnam

Simply put, there has been a serious lack of experienced players in the Japanese recruitment industry in Vietnam.

Here’s the mechanism why service quality remains unchanged.

When Japanese recruitment agencies hire new staff in Vietnam, they don’t usually ask for prior experiences in the industry. In most cases, those who are new to the industry are immediately enrolled to achieve KPI targets soon after they joined an agency. The problem is that those business targets are designed to fit Japanese recruitment market. so new players are pursuing the targets that don’t take into account the difference between how recruitment works in Japan and how it does in Vietnam.

Because of that, they don’t feel like they have enough time to gain essential knowledges to improve their service quality, such as client’s businesses in Vietnam, business and human resource management principles, Vietnamese macroeconomics and so on

Being under pressure and remaining unimproved, majority of the new players choose to leave the industry quite quickly.

Therefore, the recruitment industry itself has been facing serious lack of experienced human resources.

What is professional recruitment service?

A professional recruitment service helps increase productivities of all involve, by taking care of details of the every little pieces of information.

This is about the quality of communication, and such capacity largely correlates with the length of experiences in the Vietnam human resources market. Experiences enable a service provider to have effective communications especially in the following two ways.

◉Expectation control

Very often, clients are new to hiring Vietnamese local talents in Vietnam. Some of the clients are new to recruitment itself. In such cases, a service provider is expected to advice clients what to expect in Vietnamese human resource market, as well as what NOT to.

◉Capacity to notice in details

When a service provider notices subtle inconsistencies in the information he/she received and make them right before passing on to the other side, it surely will save a lot of time. Because it is usually these subtle inconsistencies that accumulates into rather uglier misunderstanding between a client and a jobseeker in the end.

The length of experiences in not the only factor that defines professional recruitment players. It is their individual attitude towards his/her work that decides if the person is professional or not.

When it comes to recruitment service, there is no one right answer to the service provision processes. One can either dig deeper or remain on the surface. This is what makes difference in quality of service.

Only those who are committed to their work can take care of details.

The wealth of experience and the commitment.

Grasp! has them all.

We are committed to make the recruitment service in Vietnam to the professional level.