​We want you who can,
  • Understand our Mission, share our Vision and act in accordance with our Values.
  • Continue learning new things that will help you align your actions with our Values.
  • Communicate with others with respect, regardless of gender, age, race and culture.
  • Improve yourself based on performance review.
  • Stay cool with changes.
  • Continue making new challenges in your life.
  • Love and enjoy solitude.
  • Be compassionate with young and disadvantaged, and can learn from them.
  • Learn from history and from elders.
  • Face yourself objectively, always.
Grasp! introduces holacracy management method in our operation.
  • ​No management positions. Decide your own title. Each member works in accordance with each roles and authorizations.
  • ​No fixed work hours. Free to choose where to work. General meeting once a week.
  • ​Remote workers and Freelancers welcome.
  • ​All members consult together to decide salary (preparing).
  • No KPI.
Grasp! practices holacracy method in our daily operation.
Interested in working with us? Please feel free to contact us now.
Freelancers and remote workers very welcome!
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