"What is the key HR challenges in your organization?”

We start our recruitment consultation service from here.

Grasp! focuses on building a sustainable relationship with you by providing solutions to the most fundamental challenges that exists  in your organization.  Specifically, we start by assisting clients to clarify job content, job description and title, before moving on to recruitment process.  We would like to know “who specifically do you want to hire?” and “what can your organization offer them?”


Grasp! does not disclose the number of job seekers registered with us, because the number of candidates does not really predict the success of your recruitment.  While it is true that "more candidates, better recruitment result” in some cases, we nevertheless strongly believe that this method does not solve the fundamental challenges in your organization’s HR strategies, personnel optimization or business itself.


Share with us your passion in your business success!

Share with us the biggest challenges in your organization!



Contact Us


Let us meet and define who you want to hire.


Service Agreement

Let us agree on our service contents and fees



Candidate Recommendation


Invite a candidate of your choice for an interview

We will help you with scheduling for the interview.





Job Offer Negotiation

We will help you with negotiation for the offer.

Recruitment Service Flow

Official Offer

The First Day



Service Fee Payment

Please pay us after our candidate joined your company.

Please contact us for more details about our fee and guarantee policy.

Customer's Voices

A Japanese Manufacturing factory in Ho Chi Minh City

A Japanese IT company in Hanoi

IT Company in Hong Kong

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